finally, some adventures

So, amazingly, even though Lu has been in season for the last 2-3 weeks, nothing much has changed around here. Call me irresponsible, but I’ve been going to the Field and taking her out to secluded bush places around town… so far, I’ve not seen a single other dog interested in her. Except for Mal, who, despite being desexed and having never had ANY clue about what ‘it all means’, has not been able to keep his nose out from under her tail for the last 3-4 days. Yuck.

Anyway, the torture is nearly over so soon we’ll be able to run with The Pack again without worrying about making Whizzies or Australian Collies. Today there was a distinct possibility of Australian Dingoes, which would have been interesting, but she was on lead, so it was ok.

Yesterday we headed up to a pine forest, which I always like because there’s really limited animal populations in pine forests, so I can kind of relax on the whole ‘my dog is going to run off chasing things’ thing (unless you’re Penny who apparently doesn’t need to worry. Maybe Lu can teach Badger how to hunt, too, since she taught him to use his nose so well…). But… pine forests are just… forests full of pine-trees. Not the most interesting photographic fodder.

So today, for fun, we headed back to where we found snow with the pack, knowing full well there’d be no snow but wanting to check out the scenery and the little meadows and such anyway.


4 thoughts on “finally, some adventures

  1. No way! Was this where we went to the snow!? ZOMG it looks so different! I can’t believe it. Nope I can’t.

    Beautiful photos as usual and I think it is very clever to not let your dogs chase things. Most excellent in fact. Only silly people do things like that ;). I hereby swear to not let Lumen learn anything from Pan while I am minding her and we will visit only prey-free areas of Victoria.

    • Em says:

      Yes it’s the same! The meadow is where they ran around and Mal’s photobomb is where we sat them all for the photo and they looked across for monsters.
      I don’t really have much choice in the letting them chase things department. They just kind of.. do. As long as they come back in a reasonable time that’s ok, and if I ever get Lu to a Mal-level-recall* I’ll be pretty happy.

      Lu can learn from Pan. I actually wouldn’t mind if she got all obsessive over SOMETHING cos then at least I’d have some awesome jackpot reward for recalls and agility and stuff. At the moment everything is ‘good’ but nothing is blow-her-mind-with-awesome…

      *wallabies excluded.

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