I raised the plank!

I raised the plank tonight! My up-ramp still isn’t built yet (hoping for time this weekend) so she’s still having to jump onto it, but surprisingly got some rear-feet hits initially. For some reason I was seeing rear-feet hits at the end, but evidently that wasn’t happening. Thanks for that, eyeballs.

I can’t figure out how high the stupid thing is so you’ll just have to guess. At first she tried just running alongside the plank and hoped I wouldn’t notice, but I stopped that with some additional side-guides from the entry point. I suspect she didn’t like jumping onto it from this height. Maybe this will also help her jumping problems! (everything will help, right?) Anyway, enjoy the poor-quality dark video.


5 thoughts on “I raised the plank!

      • Hmm, they don’t cycle for me. Interesting! The one i’m seeing now is Lum and Mal obviously hanging off some cliff you guys hiked up to. EXCELLENT!

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