weekend wrapup

So, no agility again this weekend. It’s sort of nice to have a weekend sometimes…

However, this weekend saw us enter our very first dog show. Considering it was our first one, Lu did really, really well. She was super focused while in the ring, stood still, didn’t start shaping when we had to wait around, and got all wiggly for the judge (as opposed to shying away, which is what her mum would do). So, I was happy with that. We didn’t win our class but it’s ok. I’ve also now ‘done’ the show thing and can pretty confidently say that I don’t have much interest in doing it again. Think I’ll stick to agility, tracking and herding, thanks. Nic has a video of our turn so I might upload it later for you.


Here’s my clean show dog!


On Sunday, Penny, Husband and I headed up to Tallarook again. We went for a lovely 3.5 hour hike through the bush mostly off-trail. Lumen continues to amaze me with her stamina. By the end of the walk we found this little dam and she just wanted to keep running and playing chase. Mal was so tired, but Lu could have just. kept. going. She’s a MACHINE.

I can tell she’s a bit fatigued today so I didn’t train her, but took her to the dog park where she played very half-heartedly.

Lumen found two dead-things while hiking and gave them up quite happily in exchange for kabana. Good girl. They went racing off on us once or twice but came back so I don’t know if they were chasing an actual thing, or a smell. I can see just how amazing this kind of walking will be re: Lu’s jumping thing, as she goes so quickly sometimes that she has to adjust her stride, has to leap running flat-out, has to coordinate herself at high speed over branches and sticks. Such amazing conditioning.

It’s also lovely to feel like I have a new friend(s) who love adventuring and hanging out and doing dog-stuff as much as I do. I can’t say I’ve ever been the most outgoing and social person so it’s wonderful to have found someone who has such a similar and wacky sense of humour, who gets how I train, and who is really fun to be around. Yay for friends! (and hopefully she now doesn’t think I’m a creepy weirdo for gushing over her for everyone to read…!)

Here’s one photo from yesterday’s adventures… you can have more in a gallery tomorrow.


The mini-pack on rocks

The mini-pack on rocks


2 thoughts on “weekend wrapup

  1. Lu looks very confident in the show ring! I hear you about not being your thing – I couldn’t develop an interest for it either, though I tried.
    It’s going to be super fun to have you in Slovenia in September! I’m looking forward to our hike. Though it might need to be shorter for me, I’m not as fit as you 😉

    • Em says:

      I’m SO looking forward to it! And I can’t wait to go for a hike! And don’t worry about us being fit at all, I feel like since there were so many leeches where we were walking, I’ve really been slack lately and just doing agility and wandering around the oval nearby, but not a lot of actual WALKING especially from me. So I’m feeling very lazy – you have nothing to worry about!!

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