weekend wrapup


We did nothing.

Like, literally, I did nothing with Lumen. I played the quickest game of ‘race to the toy’ and that was it for her pretty much all day. She ate a bone, we went out for most of the day and evening… we came home and went to bed. She was NOT impressed but I don’t think it will hurt her to have had a break. It might be her first ACTUAL ‘do nothing’ day, ever. Not even a shaping session. Nothing.


Husband, Penny, Kim and I loaded up our two cars with the 7 dogs and trucked up into the mountains. Took about an hour and a half which is how long it takes to get to Tallarook so it wasn’t that bad. We’d had a dump of snow on Saturday, down low enough for us to get to, and so we ventured into uncharted territory.

Tell you what, snow with our two dogs is fun… snow with THE PACK is awesome. And this snow was much deeper and more fun than what we found the other weekend. There was running and chasing and barking, and lots and lots of bouncing from my little rabbit-legs. Gee that girl loves to bounce…!  Because of the fires from 2009 all the trees in there were just dead branches and trunks, and with the extra weight of the snow and a  bit of a breeze… we had branches falling on top of us quite often! Lu was pretty convinced that there were monsters in the bush that she needed to bounce over to and possibly eat. Boing boing boing. She’s such an adventurous girl.

We stopped in at an old felled pine-plantation to have a picnic lunch, huddling under the boot doors of the two cars and the crummiest tarp ever. Meanwhile the dogs ran around and around and adventured and free-ran themselves! A quick walk up a hill and back and it was time to head home – our car with three very tired puppies, and the car behind with 4 very tired pups.

I have a movie for now, and you can have a photo-gallery of the day tomorrow! No point giving you everything at once!



3 thoughts on “weekend wrapup

  1. EXCELLENT video~! how much fun was that? Looks pretty cold. My dogs love the snow too. We just don’t see much of it. It’s about the same for us, during any given winter, we have to drive 1.5-2 hours to see snow. It’s worth it tho.

  2. Penny says:

    I feel really lucky that this little group has happened. You wouldn’t believe how much!

    Yours stalkery, Penny

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