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I don’t have any movies or even any new photos for this week so here’s one of her catching a snowball because we might be going to the snow again this weekend.

Nothing deep and/or meaningful and/or insightful for you at the moment. School’s just gone back and as always there’s a period of readjustment where I try and overcome my school fatigue to write stuff here. I’m meant to be writing up a performance review thing but it’s long and arduous and I can’t be bothered but I need to find time before tomorrow… so, that’s thrilling.

I didn’t do a ‘what we’re working on’ post yesterday so here goes:
-lots of ‘race to the toy’ game inside. Lu is beginning to REALLY get this game (finally) and will blast out ahead of me and dash to the toy. I think the two times she didn’t beat me and I grabbed it and played merrily by myself taught her never let that strange woman win. And she hasn’t since.

-HGR games. I won’t really say too much about them because I respect the fact that they’ve come up with the exercises and such, suffice to say that one of the games is going to make teaching weaves SUPER AWESOME, and another of the games is going to really help with her adjusting her stride in RC.

-Speaking of, RC is on hold for a while until I either a) get my own dogwalk (not likely until back from Honeymoon) or b) buy ANOTHER long plank, nail it together and use it as an up-ramp. The flat-plank to down-plank is at such a length that if she runs it properly, her stride carries her off the contact zone. Sigh.

-Started working on weaves a bit again. 40cm now. Beginning entrances from 12:00 around again.
=Been running some fun little sequences and speedy things with no bars. Did an AWESOME one the other day that originally I did a ‘tok’ turn as a post/shoulder pull turn, sending her into the nearby (and very tempting) straight tunnel… tried it the next day as a Kestchner and it was sooo goooooooodddd… Didn’t even look at the tunnel, AND, unlike with previous front-blinds, didn’t get confused about where to go next (possibly also because I was much more decisive about my next move than the first time I tried where I was all like AHHH I TURNED AROUND AND SOMETHING HELP I’M LOST).. Love that move. Gonna be so awesome in trials. Oh yeah.

-Doing some bounce-jumping and set-point exercises. In fact, I did a set-point exercise the other night (just stepping into a space from a sit, then pushing over one jump) where instead of her pouncing onto a dead toy (even if it was far from the jump), I rolled the ball… and.. HELLO EXTENSION JUMPING! Back-legs went out, the arc was nice! Ah ha! She still can’t bounce-jump 4 jumps- she’ll do 2, and then leap over the last two without a bounce in the middle UNLESS I send her ahead- if I do a lead-out, she leaps the last 2. Too excited? Maybe.

(Edit: Also, I take back what I said about her jumping nicely on that set point exercise. I got it on film today and obviously my brain and eyes have no idea what’s going on. Where I thought she looked really nice and partied with her, she actually looked just as bad as always. WOOOOO) 

-Teaching her to free-stack. Yup. Cos, y’know, I’ve entered her in a show in 2 weeks time. And, y’know, after some fiddling around, she can actually do it….! Amazingly, she kind of gets the concept that if I do something just right, she needs to keep her back-feet stuck to the ground, and I can move her front feet wherever I want. Woah! So I’ve actually had her stack nicely (well… maybe?) a few times for me. Now I need to study pictures of Aussie Shepherds to see how far back or forward her legs are meant to be. Maybe she won’t do as hilariously bad as I thought…???


4 thoughts on “posting & such

  1. How crap is working? CRAP I tells ya.

    Anyways I completely respect your DW decisions and think they are very smart. I was surprised from class how quickly we were encouraged to start using the full DW so best to wait agreed.

    I did like this lady’s idea though to change the first stride (and therefore subsequent) hit location: clever

    • Em says:

      That’s what I was hoping that adding the flat plank would do (give her an extra stride or whatever so she’d hit with RF) but alas, it’s slightly too short so doesn’t work. But it’s ok, if I get a minute between snow-venturing and other things this weekend we’ll fashion ourselves a temporary up-ramp because let’s face it, I’m not going to be able to put RC training on hold until October… 😉

      • Yeah, you would have to keep chopping up and adding bits on the flat board and really just end up with a pile of firewood for her to negotiate 🙂

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