yeah yeah yeah

I LOVE watching Mal do this. If we can pull this off and fix his weaves, agility is going to be the most super-awesome-fun-times ever. It’s like: woah dude, you can actually RUN! And look at his serious little concentrating face. Aww.


Woah! Lumen has mega cracked paw-pads on 3 of her paws… One has a big chunk missing. Ew. Maybe that’s why she can’t jump!!! (living in hope)

12 thoughts on “yeah yeah yeah

  1. Have you looked at your body position in relation to Mal’s hits? When you ran with him, and did that sort of “pull up” move to look at where he hit, he HIT! He likes that check up move you do I think… and I would USE that! Woot for Mal~

    • Em says:

      Well I don’t usually RUN with him- I usually stand still like with Lu and just throw the ball but he’s not as ball obsessed as Lu, so I think my running certainly helped him run faster – but what made him hit was moving his starting position forward a meter or two – I think I was pulling up to look where he hit in the first two but maybe it was further past the contact area… hmmmm

  2. Both look fantastic! I have to agree, I can’t believe that is Mal running 🙂 He is grinning. And Lumen of course looks perfect.

    I think Silvia would now say to try and set them up for backfeet hits

    • Em says:

      I know, I think he really loved it when /I/ ran, too.
      Mal was getting some RF hits because he’s running along his flat plank then the down plank…
      Lu is only getting FF because she’s just on the down plank. I could try and set up the flat plank at the same height possibly, so she’d get another stride or two, I’m just hesitant about making it scarier after she finally got over the fear of ‘falling off’ the plank when it was flat… Hmmm

    • Em says:

      I just put her on the flat plank to the down plank and raised it some- her first go was SO bouncy, the 2nd she leapt over the tiny apex (LOL) and the last 3 were really good except I’m a moron and set her up in the wrong spot so her stride carried her over and I thought she was leaping so even though she was actually running really nicely she didn’t get rewarded. BAD ME!

      • Oh yeah, we have all been there :). I love setting my dogs up to fail and then realising LATER what I did :)) Its the best.

        That is super freaking cool that she accepted the flat plank+downramp combo! I was crossing my fingers for you that she wouldn’t be a nerd about it. Woohoo!

      • Em says:

        Yeah so smart of us. Though possibly it wouldn’t matter because she’s surely going to get on the flat plank first with FF and so end up with the same combo in any case, which means I either need a longer flat plank, or to build an up-ramp…!!! Which I could do, cos the wood I used was pretty cheap. Jeez it’s going to be a long wait until I get back from the honeymoon to get my own DW. Then I have to rubberize it. O.O

        Have a look at her runs from today, the first and second ones are hilarious. I’m really proud thought cos she did the huge leap on the 1st one like she wanted to leap off, but then seemed to make a conscious effort to get over it and just run the rest of the way.

    • Em says:

      She does right! Actually she’s shorter (just) than Mal who doesn’t have a monster stride – she’s 50cm tall but I think longer in body than him. So, yes, like Java this is going to be… Interesting 😉

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