adolescence & the pup: fear period pt 2.

I wrote back in April about how Lumen is naturally cautious of most things, especially people. Despite all the socialisation I had done up to that point, I still saw so much of her mother in her when approached by strangers. That frantic boddy-wag as she desperately wanted to say hello and be friendly, all while keeping at an unpattable distance, just incase.

I saw fear manifest itself in lots of ways, but most worryingly was toward people. People at the park weren’t as bad, but people who came to our house were pretty worrying and took a lot of skirting around before she’d approach for a concerned lick on the hand.


Well, she’s 10 months old now, and on Friday we had an electrician came in to fix a switch… Of course both dogs went mental barking at him at the door, but when he came in the house….

Lumen was all over him. Right up close, wagging like crazy, licking him everywhere.



Similarly, at the park the other day, every person who walked by needed to be investigated incase they were a potential humanfriend. Most of them weren’t, but she seemed ok with that – she didn’t mug them or jump all over them, just moved on to the next exciting thing.


I still see anxiousness in her if I take her near a road with heavy traffic, and I suspect I always will. That being said, we took her to a pet expo a few months ago and had to walk past some trams and she didn’t flip out, she didn’t try and bolt. She was stressed, but not over threshold. Good girl. Aeroplanes are still scary sky-monsters but they pass so infrequently here that it’ll only be a problem when we need to compete near the airport!


But the amazing thing for me is that (for the moment at least) she is defying those genetics that were so strong a few months ago. Chil, her mum, is so cautious at first, she’ll skirt around you or move away… once she warms up, she’ll lean her head on your leg, but it takes a while. Lumen’s not showing any fo that behaviour now. Yay!

I think her fear period is over (for now, at least!).


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