Running contact success

I wrote a really whiny post this morning about how I’m still in freakout mode over Lumen’s jumping, despite Penny being super reassuring, and Silvia saying she thinks Lu might just need more experience, she still did pretty badly today – I just don’t understand how she can totally mess up her jumps within the space of a month. And there’s so many variables, like: maybe it’s this, maybe it’s that, maybe she’s doing this, or that, or this other thing.

But I’ve just joined the HGR classroom now so I’m sure it will all help, and in the meantime I just have to not rush her, put jumping to the side for a little while. Focus on driving to a dead toy/container/whatever and doing RC.


Speaking of which, we had 80% JP yesterday on the flat plank, with her stride carrying her off once, and a leap taking her off on the first run… I was silly enough to not film it today, but first I just let her wander around on the plank first, then we had 2 beautiful JPs on the flat, before I put a bit of wood under one end, made sure it was stable, took a very deep breath and threw the ball.

And it was perfect.

And I made sure she knew it.

And then we did it another 3 or 4 times, every one of them as perfect as the one before. Yes!!!

So hurrah, I’ve finally been able to raise the plank!! Which makes up for how crummy I’m feeling about her jumping.


6 thoughts on “Running contact success

  1. Yay for excellent dog walk running!!!

    As for the jumping bit. Maybe it doesn’t help to know you’re not alone, but you’re not alone! Rumble has been an “odd” jumper all his life. He takes off too early to get on the bed, launch from couch to couch, etc. It’s always worried me even tho I’ve been told by experts that ETS is extremely rare in Aussies.
    So, now he’s 13 months, and we’re actually using real jumps and he’s GETTING IT! I do think that he really didn’t understand what the game was… He just liked throwing his body around. But now he’s figuring stuff out and his jumping is looking soooo much better. Not just in agility, but in every day life too. Our hike last week he was launching over logs and boulders and really looked amazing! Whew!

    Time, time might be all you need.

    • Em says:

      Thanks for your reassurance, Rosie. Means a lot (especially freaking out over ETS over here though I don’t think it’s necessarily that and maybe more a ‘preferred landing position’ thing even)… and I SO GET what you mean about just throwing her body around- Lumen totally does that.
      Had Rumble played on real bars before? Or just low ones? Or nothing?
      I’ll try and stop stressing and play some of these HGR games. Like I said, i figure they can’t hurt and if anything, just give her more speed, drive, confidence and body awareness!

  2. We started a few months back with bars at about 12 inches (hmmm, centimeters for you… let’s say 30 cm). He never seemed to have an issue when they were that low. Just a month ago (when I got reports from his litter mate owners that the growth plates were coming up closed during xrays (I’ve not done xrays yet) we went to 40 cm which is one level below what he’ll probably end up having to jump (51 cm). That’s when I started to see what was common in the couch and bed jumping, weird take off and landing really close to the edge. I never saw it on wraps! He can wrap a jump like any trained dog… but just like you said, in a string of jumps he would get the first one then knock the others. Timing. I have a feeling that he just doesn’t have “natural” timing, but he’s getting it! I put the jumps back down to 30… because, like you … I don’t want to practice knocking bars.

    Razor is a natural born athlete. And he’s NEVER had a problem with bars (our one saving grace). So this is all new to me.

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