weekend wrapup

Another big one!

Saturday saw us head to our new training club where a group of 4 of us are training together as we’re a bit more experienced than most of the people going through the foundation course. This means we get to play with cik/cap, running fast, doing some tunnels- basically whatever we want. It’s been really great as we’ve all been really supportive and encouraging, and we’re all on about the same level using the same system so that’s awesome.

I sent Lu over a line of jumps (not quite straight) with bars on the ground and she RAN. I don’t know if I’ve seen her go that quickly but it was awesome and I want more of it. Not sure if it was from the excitement of being around all the other dogs and her boyfriend Badger, or because there were no bars so she could just go super fast, but it was really cool.

We then did some restrained recalls over two jumps and she jumped fine (they were super low) … then added in a 3rd jump and suddenly she was doing monster leaps, coming down on top of the bars – the stuff I’ve started to notice and worry about. So, whether it’s too much pressure or something – having the three jumps in a row rather than two, I don’t know. But it was certainly interesting. I think I’ll go back to super low (or even no) bars for a little while, incase my messing around with higher bars to experiment on her and see how she’d jump has thrown her confidence. Considering how weird she got after running on the plank with a brick under it (confidence thrown) and how she’s back to normal now, if it IS that, then it’s easily fixable at least.


After that we went for a walk all together around a nearby park with lots of sandy dunes and of course the dogs had a great time.


On Sunday we decided we were going to try and find some snow. It was a fairly long drive out, but I’d found some state forest that was about the right elevation for snow. Slightly crushed by the woman at the Information Center who told Husband that we wouldn’t find any, we pressed on to Sawmill Settlement, took a road to the right, found the beginning of the trail and started the walk up.

I think the photos below pretty much sum-up how this trip went.


3 thoughts on “weekend wrapup

    • Em says:

      It could be- we noticed it got REALLY BAD if I was way ahead of her and she wanted so badly to catch up, but it wasn’t as bad (usually) chasing a ball if I was standing still. So, definitely could be excitement and stuff.

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