I didn’t have a video earlier cos I’ve been slack but then Penny magically made one from a bit of today’s training – mostly RC with one pretty nice extension/collection at the end. Considering it’s daytime (she sucks during the day) AND at a completely new place, this looked really nice for her.

Interesting that Mal missed some hits but I suspect it’s just because he was coming out of a tunnel so his starting stride varied. It’s so amazing to me how differently they run. Mal’s like a little running square, and Lumen is this long powerful thing who seems beautifully smooth – unlike what I’ve been told by some instructors about how Aussie Shepherd strides are ‘always so bouncy’ and I’ll ‘have trouble teaching her RC’… No, that won’t be my problem, my problem will be her 2 METER LONG STRIDE.

Thanks Penny for the video!



4 happy dogs during out long beach-walk today

4 happy dogs during out long beach-walk today. Mal, Lumen, Pan and Badger


One thought on “Video!!

  1. EXCELLENT!!! That’s going to be some nice video to have as you go forward. They both look GREAT! I have once of those “bouncy” aussies and I can attest to the frustration of watching Rumble bounce all over everything. Stop contacts for him, thanks… 😉

    Mali looks great too!

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