weekend wrap-up

Monday again! Thankfully this is the first day of 2 weeks of school holidays. Tell you what, 11 week terms are a killer. We were over it, the kids were over it… Only Lumen wasn’t over it. She loves school. Anyway, she can have a school break.


Bit of a big weekend just gone. I’ve changed my weave training a little after reading an article in this month’s clean-run. It makes a lot of sense to my brain and seems to offer a really logical progression, while training entires and still maintaining elements of the ‘channel’. I’m testing it out on Mallei first, whose entries were always hopeless (had to be guided in, unless it was a nice straight entry) and he always popped out at the 10th, because it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work with him. Having nice weaves it just a ‘bonus’, since we’re not trialling. Meanwhile I’m planning to work a lot more on Lu’s drive to a stationary object. I think I’m going to use a little tupperware container with some treats in it. She seems really switched on to this and has been working nicely for it. Otherwise a less-broken treat-pouch-tug-toy. Both will work well. Once I have good drive to these objects from a distance, I’ll go back to weaves, I think.

Saturday saw us go down to an obedience club and (finally) sign up. Because we’ve done so much foundation but don’t yet have contacts and weaves, we’re still stuck in foundation but the instructor is happy for us to do whatever we want, along with another experienced handler. I’m trying to convince a friend to join now too so we can have an ‘elite club’ of 3 who just blow off the class and do whatever we want. But Lumen so needs training in that environment. We were meant to warm up by trotting around and has brain was all EXPLODE LOOK AT ALL THE DOGS AND IT’S DAYTIME AND OMG!!!!! Attention and focus? Out the window. Circle-work? Forget it. So, certainly working with all that happening will be beneficial. Interestingly, while doing obstacles, she’s completely focused. Once she finishes and goes after her reward ball or whatever… mmm… not so much – I might visit THIS DOG!! YAYYYYY! Well, it’s good to know, anyway.

Then on Sunday two friends came and we all went to Tallarook – Mallei and Lumen both, and their dogs. All up we had 7 dogs between us and they had the. best. time. ever. Mal and Lu in the forest is one thing.. Lu with a “gang” of other young dogs? She had so much fun. Interestingly, she actually stayed closer to us, ran off less, and was better behaved when it’s just her and Mal. So… now I don’t want to go walking with just the two of them! All up we walked for 4.5-5 hours through the bush, occasionally on tracks, and up a huge hill at the end… All the dogs were exhausted…. except mine. She’s a ridiculous energiser puppy who could have kept going and going. She’s a little more subdued today though so I suspect she’s feeling yesterday’s walk! I just love it up at Tallarook. It was so quiet, we only saw trail bikes once, and the other’s dogs just had the most amazing time- I think it was the first time they’d just gone off-trail in the bush and they were just so full of joy and excitement.


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