Two quick videos: Mal’s RC and a little sequence

Just a quick one for your Friday (a bit early, I know).

I’ve decided that because Lu needs breaks while we’re out training that I might as well muck around with Mallei’s contacts and weaves. So I’m training him RC cos even if it doesn’t work it’s not like we’re trialling anyway, so who cares, and his weaves because frankly, his entries always sucked, he was completely reliant on me, and he usually popped out at #10. If I end up putting him back in competitions when I’m trialling Lu, it’d be really, really nice to have awesome weaves and awesome contacts. In any case, he’s such a sweet, fun, awesome dog. I don’t realise sometimes how hard I’m working with Lu. Mal is just so eager to please- to a fault. He’s a much softer dog. Say “oops!” and he’ll get all sad and mopey like you yelled at him or something… BUT… everything is done with such enthusiasm! Run off this plank!? OK!!!! Do these weaves!? OK!!! Go in the tunnel!? YAYYYY! Did you say ready? I’m ready! I am! I am! Now! Now! I’m ready!!! Ok, so he’s had 8 years of experience at this game but it’s just so nice to not have to try and ‘rev him up’ the way I do with Lu… and to do the weaves? Food in a bowl. And he dives in and sprints down the channel. Love my boy.

So here’s a video of his running contacts from tonight – I’ve begun angling it with him and he’s coping really, really well. Now I have to get some bigger blocks or something to put underneath and possibly fix up the other plank so he doesn’t have to leap onto the down plank. Lu is doing ok… I’ve been familiarising her with the plank by doing some free-shaping on it so she realises she won’t fall to her death if she steps off it (seriously, it was that bad) and running her over the wider carpet on top of the plank… Tonight it was half wide carpet and half narrower plank and she coped pretty well, so there’s hope for her yet.

And then there’s a little sequence I made up which I was quite pleased with. It included more static wraps than extension to collection stuff, and some nice work for her having to avoid going out and around like a serpentine on the bars, but actually come in between them. This was a bit of work actually, so it’s a good thing to have practised! She wasn’t moving today – possibly she works best if I neglect her that morning and only do tricks training, no walk, and then leave her at home instead of coming to school, and then go straight to the field when I get home. Might try it tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Two quick videos: Mal’s RC and a little sequence

  1. I think the idea of Mallei getting running contacts is brilliant. For older dogs, this just makes sense. So much less stress on the shoulders, etc. And in fact he looks awesome on that plank!

    Have you ever crated Lu at ringside while you worked Mal to get her amp’ed up? I had never done this before, but last weekend I held Rumble in the ring while my friend ran her SUPER HIGH Aussie and it did WONDERS for Rumble’s speed and enthusiasm. I think Rumble “thinks” a lot when we’re doing agility, and it slows him down. He lost the ability to think after watching my friend’s dog run and it made for some SPEED and enthusiasm that I’d not ever seen.

    Just an idea. I like playing with “that” Rumble and I hope to see him again soon!


    • Em says:

      Well Mal always had ‘running contacts’, they just weren’t consistent, or trained. 😉
      The thing with crating Lu ringside is that I actually haven’t competed for about 3 years now. I basically retired Mal when I was back at Uni doing my Masters because I wasn’t working and we weren’t winning any more so I couldn’t justify the cost of the entry fees, petrol etc while I was unemployed. Lu gets crated while I work Mal at the field and she whines and complains but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference when she comes out.
      Last night I set them up so Mal had a good head-start and just did some speed circles (straight jumps into a curved tunnel then out again over straight jumps).. so essentially she was chasing him AND me and she caught up with him so she must have been moving. Might do more of that, make it fun and fast.
      Might go and find a local trial and take her to that, too… just to watch. Of course whether the enthusiasm will be there when I get back to our training field, we’ll see!
      Lu also thinks a lot- I’ve seen huge improvements when we do the extension/collection stuff, but anything twisty like this course and she looses it… I think it’ll come with more understanding, confidence and value.. Hope so, anyway. 😉

  2. Hey this could work well if I can keep up with Lu’s running contact training! I got my housemate to build me a dogwalk (and then kicked him out cos I am nice like that) so I am hoping to use that later for Badger but I am going to need different dogwalks so if we are coordinated we could organise some dogwalk availability trading. Just like a hippy comune trading system of dogwalk using!

    Mal looked really good!

    • Em says:

      You’ll keep up. We’re still on flat plank with carpet over the top… Gradually removing the carpet to get just flat plank… And in September I’m in Europe for a month so we’ll probably go back to the start! 😉
      Lucky you getting a dog walk built!! I probably won’t have mine for 2-3 months yet depending on how busy Adrian is. 😦 (and I haven’t returned his call cos I hate talking to people on the phone cos I’m weird like that. )
      But I love your idea of a dog walk trading commune!!! That’d be awesome!

    • Em says:

      Thanks! Yeah she didn’t feel great when we were doing it but watching it back she actually looked pretty good. I certainly tricked her with pulling through the two bats though- kept ignoring my cik/tok and going out to do the other bar 😉 good proofing, at least!

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