short & sweet: how to amuse active dogs for over an hour

The face of determination

The face of determination

Even Mal's having a go!

Even Mal’s having a go!


I’ve always been a fan of the old Kong-stuffed-with-treats as a way of settling my dogs (read: Lumen) down… however, recently I’ve found two ways of increasing their longevity, as Lumen as always so quick at getting peanut butter & biscuits out. Honestly… 15-20 mins and she’d finished it…

Our newest recipes:
A glob of peanut butter down the bottom (because they’re obsessed and it’s an incentive to finish…)

Half a carrot rammed in the main part. For Mal we left the carrot sticking out because he doesn’t persevere and doesn’t love carrots that much… Lumen got hers shoved all the way in so she really had to work at it…



A glob of peanut butter down the bottom..

1/4 chunks of apple rammed in, cored, but unpeeled.

They still, over an hour later and having shared kongs, haven’t managed to finish Mallei’s ‘adult’ Kong, which doesn’t bend as easily as Lumen’s original ‘puppy’ Kong. Now they’ve given up and they’re play-fighting. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.


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