weekend wrap-up

Poor dogs. Saturday saw us spending almost 14 hours driving around looking for somewhere to camp, which subsequently meant they only got out a few times during all that. I don’t know if my friend who we were travelling with, realised how high-energy Lumen in, and that a 20-30 minute stroll might be ok for Mallei, but not ok for my Energizer-Bunny.

So that was a bit sad, but we made up for it on Sunday.

In the morning we headed to the agility field where Lumen wasn’t the speed-demon-dog I’ve been seeing but her turns were much tighter because of it. Watching the videos back she was still moving along, just not as nicely as I’d been seeing. That’s ok- maybe just an ‘off morning’? Maybe she prefers to train in the evening? But then, on one of the videos below where she’s really stretching out and running, we filmed that Sunday morning. Who knows. She’s weird.

Then we headed up to our new-favourite-place for free-running at Tallarook, and spent about 2 hours wandering around the bush there, getting back up to the rocks and poking around there. Lu chased after a few things or smells today and took a while to come back when we called but she did, and that’s the main thing. I don’t think she’s yet seen any wildlife, just found very, very fresh smells (saw a roo take off not too far from where we were going, and once she found the trail she was off like a shot, and very reluctant to come back.). As always, great fun, and I’m amazed by her stamina. We commented about an hour or 45 mins in that Mallei was looking tired…. by the end, Lumen was puffing and panting but still happy to go on.



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