photo of the week

3-stage photo: how to navigate over a tree branch while free-running, according to Lumen.



Step 1…

Step 2...

Step 2…

Step 3...

Step 3…


2 thoughts on “photo of the week

  1. Hi,

    Lucy just learnt the Seasaw and Minie A-Frame

    She learnt it with treats

    When she knows it better and she’s about 4 months old should I do a tug at the end of the Seasaw? Or should I just continue working with treats,because she’s fine with both

    I am deciding to train Lucy weaves when she’s 4 months and also getting in line with the jumps

    She is going to croydon dog obedience training to sight up for puppy classes on Sunday this week

    How old was lumen when she started agility training?

    I have a vid on YouTube bout Lucy doing the Seasaw and A-Frame

    Updates soon

    Thank-you please answer soon

    Sent from Melanie,patch,lucky,Lucy (Melanie is me)

    • Em says:

      Hi Melanie,
      I don’t know if you read my other reply to your comment or not, but I feel like I’m repeating myself a bit here…
      You shouldn’t do any ‘weaving’ as in, bending their body until they’re 12 months old, as it’s too hard on their growing joints and bones- this is why we don’t jump them as well… They also don’t have enough mental ability to really understand it yet, it’s better to train tricks and games now. As for the see-saw, I haven’t taught Lumen the seesaw and most agility people don’t train it until they’re a year old either. Like I said in my other comment, I trained her to slam cupboard drawers to get her used to movement under her feet and the sound of it going ‘bang’. Later, you get them to just push the end of the seesaw down with 2 feet, and then even later you get them to hop on with 4 feet. I wouldn’t be tugging at the end of the seesaw necessarily, you want her to understand that she needs to stop there and wait- you can’t really do this until she knows a stay, either.
      Like I said in my other comment, I didn’t start doing ‘official’ agility training on equipment (eg. jumps with no bars) until she was 6 months old. There’s no point rushing things. If you’re serious and want to compete with her eventually, you need to do shaping with her (if you don’t know what this is, ask me), teach her tricks, teach her to be aware of her body, and don’t worry about equipment for another few months at least.

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