weekend wrap-up

Wow, what a big weekend!

Saturday saw all four of us (Husband and dogs) head up north to the Tallarook State Forest. In Victoria, dogs are allowed in state forests, which are some of the only parks in Victoria that allow dogs… and I’ll put it this way: state forests are constantly logged for timber, and are a great hit with 4 wheel drivers and dirt/trail bike riders, who blitz through on tracks they’ve found/made… So, I guess the environmental damage that dogs make is as bad as trail bikes, 4WDs and loggers…since we’re not allowed anywhere else…But, at least it gives us some places to explore, assuming we’re careful with all the dirt-bikes zooming around.

Some free-running through a long grass bit

Some free-running through a long grass bit

I write more about Free running later in the week, but essentially we went off-trail for a good 45 mins to an hour, and this was plenty to tire both dogs out – especially poor Mr. Mal, but even Lumen wasn’t zooming around by the time we got back to the car. All that leaping over branches, ducking under logs, sniffing, exploring, chasing and having to not trip over things certainly gives them a whole-body workout!

Lumen (for once) settled down when we got home and slept happily.We’re planning on getting a map of the area because the forest is beautifully open compared to some we’ve been in, and there’s sections with big rocks and nice hills. Our next plan is for a longer day-trip with a picnic lunch somewhere.


This morning Lu and I headed to the park to do some training and to try out a sequence from lesson 3, focusing on extension and collection in jumping. I thought Lu did really well and I was certainly puffing and out of breath by the end so  I’m thinking I was running pretty hard! I noticed on the video that the last two times I did it she was drifting wide out of the turn so I think I’ll do tunnel-jump=jump-wrap to thrown toy closing the wrap. Might get her thinking about where her next obstacle will be- I suspect she’s drifting over to me so maybe I need to watch my distance from the jumps too and remember that she’s not Mal- I can’t work her at the same distance yet!

There’s the video from today.

This week I need to do some weaves and put a brick under my running-contact plank to start raising it.

After all this we went to a property nearby where Husband and I have started volunteering- the woman there rescues and rehabilitates horses, but has broken her back and had cancer and so doing things around the farm is really tough for her. I miss riding and being around horses and it’s not far from us so we’re going down there when we have a free Sunday. I took Lu for the first time today (not Mal as they have a dog who isn’t very good with other dogs and Mal sometimes isn’t good with other dogs, although he is good with horses, which I wasn’t sure about with Lu, but I decided it would be easier to leave him this time.) Well, Lumen had a ball being a farm dog. She ate poo, rolled in something, thought she was driving and rounding up the horses (she was behind one when I started to lead it, and her face said: wait! Am I doing this!? I AM!!! GO HORSE! And when I stopped the horse she barked at it: MOVE ON!! GO HORSE!!! WHY WON’T YOU MOVE!!?

She also barked at them when they neighed, and when they were running around. She had enough respect for them to not get up in their faces, but not enough sense to avoid them when they were running and being silly. She also hasn’t yet learnt about electric fences (I’m sure she will). She’s now one very worn out pup, but I must say she looked far too pretty to be a proper farm dog!


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