keeping my excitement contained…

Gee, I really have been slack lately. It seems all my time is used up trying to tire Miss Lu, train her, or, when I have a spare moment, actually relax. Sorry about that.


So I need to work on containing my enthusiasm a little with our training. See, I’ll find something that works really nicely, eg. new flying squirrel toy + cik/cap around trees at the park before a walk=fast!

Then, I end up doing them every morning for a week, and by the end, she’s slowed down. What!?

I think I took on board too much what Silvia Trkman said in a comment, about how she trains her dogs, that for specific skills (like weaves, running contacts) it’s 3-4 times a week, but for things like cik/cap she does it every day, maybe twice a day, around trees while out ‘free-running’ or walking through the forest. Now, unfortunately for me, our forests don’t lend themselves to cik/caps, so my next best thing was to do cik/cap in a certain clump of trees before going for our walk. First few times= new toy! new game! excitement!

And now: oh, this old thing again. Boring.

Unfortunately, it was so easy and quick to do and seemed to be working for a while there…

So I need to try and not ‘overdo’ something that works. Not do it again and again and again. Mix it up. Which of course is difficult with the increasing lack of light and having to set up stuff if I’m not cik/capping around trees, but I’m continuing my search for somewhere to train where I can leave my stuff set up.


I’m trying something new today that may result in the complete destruction of my backyard but we’ll see…. Lu is not getting a walk this morning. She’s had a very quick training session inside, mostly of cik/cap around a bollard and some heeling, and that’s it. I’ll give them a bone.

I anticipate that by the time I get home this afternoon she’ll be a) super excited to see me and b) going out of her skin with energy, which of course, SHOULD = speed.


5 thoughts on “keeping my excitement contained…

  1. Hi,

    I just wondering what age would you recommend on training a puppy agility?

    I have a lot of agility sets from lucky such as:

    6 agility jumps
    6 weave poles
    Miniature a-frame
    5 meter long tunnel
    3 meter long tunnel

    Yeah it cost a little bit anyways I was wondering like what age starts eg: what she would start doing weaves or hoop

    I have been training her jumps but there’s no bars on yet and she also knows how to go though the 3 meter tunnel I have a phew YouTube clips of lucky doing agility on my channel also the seasaw and miniature a-frame my pa made



    Sent from Melanie,patch,lucky,Lucy (Melanie is me)

    • Em says:

      Hi Melanie,

      Great question. 🙂 (and I saw your youtube channel (I can stalk too! 😛 ) and you sure have a great setup with all your stuff!).
      So, the general rule of thumb is that you don’t train weaves until they’re at least a year old. However, the way I train it (see my video here: ) is really just about chasing a ball so isn’t hard on them physically.
      To be honest, I didn’t show Lumen any agility stuff until she was about 5 or 6 months old… BUT…. we did lots and lots of agility training before then- through games, running around, LOTS of playing, LOTS of tricks, lots of building her awareness of her back feet (most dogs don’t know they have them), and her confidence in interacting with anything and everything.
      One of the best things for a tunnel would be to get your Mum or brother to hold Lucy at one end and you go to the other end and call her through- run away with her favourite toy. You want all your agility training to be about running, chasing and playing.
      Things like the see-saw and A-frame you don’t want to do for a while yet, as you’ll want to get Lucy used to having movement under her feet (I trained Lumen to close drawers for me to help with the ‘bang!’ noise at the end of the seesaw and also the movement, as well as lots of work on wobbly things), and the A-frame you need to decide how you’re going to make sure she hits the contact area at the bottom, if you end up competing (and if you do, awesome, and I can definitely help you!)… most people shape their dog to stop with their back-feet on the equipment, and their front feet on the ground. They do this on boxes or cushions or books, away from the equipment.
      If you want to see some of the stuff I’ve been doing with Lu, and some of the games we play that help so much with agility but have nothing to do with equipment – let me know, I can show you on Monday either before or after school. 🙂
      I think the most important things you can be doing with Lucy right now is shaping and tricks – teaching her to learn how to learn, how to use her body, etc. If you’re not sure how, let me know!

      • Thank-you for telling me

        I didn’t know where to find the comments on the site so I sent another one to try and find where it is sending to sorry😊

      • Em says:

        That’s ok 🙂 Sometimes when you go to comment, there’s a button down the bottom thats says “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” or something similar. if you check that, any replies will be emailed to you. 🙂

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