what we’re working on

What are we working on this week?


This is our main focus for the next 2 weeks. Getting Lumen to run. To see that agility, cik/cap, tunnels, jumps and everything, is just about running.

Look, I don’t think she’ll ever be a dog who is silly and just goes crazy. She’s a thinker, she thinks. She over-thinks. But, she adores doing our channel weaves and our running contacts and straight tunnels because she gets to chase a ball, flat-out. And I haven’t been able to transfer that to cik/cap. So I thought, you know what, I’m going to set up some scenarios where she just has to run to catch me… and when she gets that, I’ll throw in a turn every now and then. Therefore, cik/cap become part of the ‘run-fast-and-chase’ game.

Ah ha! So far we’ve done some speed circles (two curved tunnels facing each other with a little 10cm jump between), and a straight line of jumps/jump bumps with a curved tunnel at the end. She seems to be running. She’s jumping absolutely ridiculously high every now and then for how low the bars are (I think she thinks it’s fun to leap), but she’s throwing in the cik/cap really well- I can tell the difference in her jump AND, she’s turning her head and her feet as she approaches the jump. Because I’d patterned her a little to the circle or the straight, she was coming into the turn at her running speed, too.

She’s also driving in and out of curved tunnels really nicely from these exercises, which is a bonus as I can use that drive to get speed for running contacts and weaves.
It’s funny, because Husband has been saying for a while now that I need to do more ‘stuff’ (eg. obstacles) but I was very fixated on the Foundation Course, and didn’t want to stray, at all, from the program. Yet, I really think that Lumen needs some opportunities to see that it’s not all about serious thinking- jumps and tunnels and turns- it’s about running, and changing direction and running some more. And it’s funny because with Mallei, I was always such a huge believer in my own philosophy of ‘do what is right for you and your dog’. It worked for us! I didn’t necessarily want to subscribe to this method or that, because whatever we’d been doing was working for us… and yet, I threw that our the window for Lumen and tried doing cik/cap from a static, like I was told.. and we got bogged down in it more and more. Then I find she loves running around the far-apart trees… she loves running… but we couldn’t make the connection with cik/cap… so… that’s what I’m trying to do- show her that cik/cap is just another part of the fun running and chasing game.

If nothing else, I’m certainly getting an excellent workout, even if she’s not- all this sprinting back and forth makes me hot, puffed, and sweaty! Then I get to cart sand bags and equipment back to the car!


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