video for Silvia Trkman’s foundation – Lesson 2.

Here’s a short video, first of the sequence that Silvia suggested we try, then some random sequences that were variations… I think her last one is best.. As always speed is our problem- I never thought it would be. A lot of people have been telling me that ‘speed will come’ with confidence/age/maturity/whatever, so I hope it will..
Then there’s a fun figure-8 with straight tunnel that we did this morning- sorry it’s dark but it was pre-dawn so the sun hadn’t come up until we started doing some RC.
We’ve also been doing multi-wraps. She seems to crash into the pole less than she did when I first put it on, and I’m just rewarding the tight ones where she flicks her back legs over.
Tried doing some weaves this afternoon but after 2 tries some kids came along with a soccer ball (Lumen’s ultimate weakness) and she couldn’t resist and ran off on me. There was no point going on because all she could think about was the soccer ball.
We also took them ‘free running’ in the bush the other day and I ended up with 3 leeches on my legs. Yuck. They had great fun though, just don’t know if I’m so keen…! I’d love to cik/cap around trees while out on our walks but there’s so much undergrowth and bush that it’d be near impossible. We don’t have nice open forests here, that’s for sure!


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