DIY Tunnel Bags

So sometimes, in our attempt to do things on the cheap, Husband and I DIY… and when I can’t find a google solution to what I want, it’s time to make one.

I recently bought 2 dog tunnels for agility – nice, thick and sturdy… of course, I have no way to hold them down – yet.

There’s two companies in Victoria selling ‘tunnel bags’- bags full of sand that you can velcro over the top of a tunnel.

They were priced from one company, at $65 per pair. So, for 3 pairs on one tunnel (both ends and the middle), we’d be looking at $195 per tunnel – almost as much as the tunnel cost by itself! No thanks.

So, we donned our el-cheapo hats and got to thinking… here’s what we’ve come up with- I’ll let you know how they work out when I get to try them.


Green/reusable shopping bags

Bungee cords/octopus straps/tie-down straps

Some heavy-duty garbage bags

Possibly some old pillow-cases, either from home or from an op-shop.

I figure, fill a garbage bag with sand, approx 5-7kg (11-15lb)? Double bag it for strength, then slip it into a pillow-case. Could be a good idea to tie the pillow-case closed with some rope or an elastic band or something.

Put the pillow-case full of sand in the green shopping bag.

Then, loop your strap through the handle of the shopping bag, over the tunnel, and through the other handle of the shopping bag on the other side.

If you’re using tie-downs, adjust to the appropriate length or just tie it in a one-sided bow-type knot.



Update! My tunnel bags have been working fabulously so far. The only downside is needing to carry them from the car to wherever I’m training since we don’t train at home, but given that they have handles, they’re actually not that bad. The heavier ones are certainly more of a pain than the couple of lighter ones I made, and the lighter ones seem to do an equally good job, so there’s a tip.

The tunnels seem pretty sturdy though and don’t move around at all, so if you’re looking for a shorter-term, el-cheapo solution, this is probably the way to go!


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