what we’re working on


Nothing much new this week, still continuing with our ST Foundations Class. I’ve discovered that cik/cap works really well around trees, so we’re practising this at the moment, trying to just really get her to understand that cik/cap is actually heaps of fun and lots of chasing and running.

Tonight we’ll be setting up the the tunnel and doing the two-tunnel game a bit, followed by curving it gradually as I still want more speed through a curved tunnel.

I’ll also be doing more weaves this week after our two sessions last week- getting the idea of running all the way through (which is fine if chasing after a ball) and of entering in the right way.

More excitingly, perhaps, I got some carpet that we’re going to cut into strips and maybe try and attach together (not sure how), but we’re going to start running contact training this week!! Ok, it’s just running on some carpet after a ball, but it’s step one. Step 2 will be running along the plank of wood after a ball.

Also starting to amp-up our walks a bit, including more hills, and a bit longer distances. Lumen seems up for it, though obviously I’m not being silly about it, however she’ll quite happily run around by herself for an hour so I guess an hour walk is ok (not on concrete, not at a run). I think it’s really important for Mal to keep up his fitness as he gets older- I noticed he was looking pretty exhausted after a couple of rounds of hill-fetch (I don’t blame him!!!) so there’s certainly room for improvement.


2 thoughts on “what we’re working on

  1. Seeing your recent videos I understand why you decided to get back in shape! I think I should too… I used to run and lift weights, then I got ill and had to stop. I might be well enough do start again. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • Em says:

      Yeah she makes me RUN!! Even though I’m back up to running 5km now, if I do the cik/cap with the tunnel and the trees, I’m about ready to keel over by the time we stop!! I have to start doing real sprint-work I think. 😉
      Definitely good to get back into shape but (obviously) take it slowly if you were ill- better to do that than push it and get sick again!! Good luck! (I think you’ll need it to keep up with your pup, too!)

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